Fanime 2013

I basically never do con reports anymore, most likely due to laziness..

Fanime 2013 was my third time going to Fanime.  It was somewhat weird because of the construction, and because I was staying in the Hyatt as opposed to the Fairmont.

Alli (Inabari) and I were not able to buy tickets when they were cheaper (than $600), so we ended up going with some standby tickets from a friend.  He said he’s never had anyone have trouble with it and last year this holiday was not busy.  The day before we flew out there were plenty of seats available so it seemed fine.  But apparently, that didn’t work out how we thought it would.  I think partially due to weather and other flights being delayed/cancelled, it ended up taking us 7 hours longer than expected to get to San Jose, and it was very stressful.  There were some things we wanted to make/do for our costumes Thursday night at the hotel, so that sort of set us back a little.  I ended up painting the back of my Aladdin gem with my finger in the airport LOL.  We were also so bored and delirious at one point that we started rapping along with “the walkway is ending”.

We were picked up from the airport by our friend Minh in his iDOLC@R.  We quickly established the fact that Hank Hill quotes were going to be a constant thing this convention.  We had FINALLY arrived at Fanime!

Hotel-wise, it wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t really great.  I don’t think I like the Hyatt, though.  The rooms are narrow, crowded, the bathrooms are lame (and the toilets sound like you’re flushing a black hole??), and actually what bothered me the most was the smell of the place.  The lobby smelled like cheap candles or some weird teeny bopper body spray.. and the hallways smelled like some sort of crazy jolly ranchers? The staff was nice, they were always very polite to us.  When we got there, the tub stopper wasn’t even the right kind so.. I thought that was kind unprofessional.  I had to call to get a new one.  The special fanime keys stopped working literally every single time we went to our room.  That issue was solved by using the normal hotel keys, however.  I roomed with Alli, Olivia, Rai and Jim this year.

steinsmeidos Friday:

was Steins;gate day~! Alli and I put on Kurisu and Feiris in the morning and headed out to the con.

I wasn’t able to finish styling my wig the way I wanted to for Feiris, so hopefully next time I wear it I can have the appropriately shaped drills.  I’m really happy with the dress, and I think I might remake the arm cuff because it’s a little small.

I actually had to finish my ears in the room with some hot glue and fabric and I’m very confused about how they ended up not looking like poop.  We ran into a few friends, including Sleepy, who took a few shots.

And then we spotted our friends Reva, Maridah and Leonard and hung out with them for a little.   Later in the day, we were joined by our friend Alicia (she was Mayuri, her cosplay name is Nightkinks).  After taking some shots, we ate some pizza.  Afterwards, we met up with Minh and Saku we checked out the dealers room, which.. I accidentally snuck into because I thought there was a Crunchyroll booth? oops o_o.  We found Lars and hung out and took some photos in the Saint claire.  Then we took off our anime, and Alli and I basically just went to sleep.  The con was hard because we were used to going to sleep at 10pm EST, so we did all we could to stay up to like… 11pm PST lol.


We woke up and didn’t want to cosplay for the longest time LOL.  After finally deciding that we’d only want to be in Disgaea for a little anyway, we decided to put on Mao and Valvatorez.  It’s been a really long time since I’ve worn Mao~! I have a new wig and new contacts for it, but that’s about all I updated.  We basically went to the con and acted extremely stupid.  We shot with Minh again in the Saint Claire, and took like 2 quick shots with Leonard.  We also acted like idiots for Ackson’s video we are 27 seconds in

After acting like idiots in Disgaea, we put on Magi costumes and proceeded to act like idiots again.  We did an interview for NeonAlley and WOW uhm that’s gonna be embarrassing, haha.  We went to the park with Owldepot and a bunch of other Magi cosplayers and took a few shots.  There also seemed to be some insanely sick guy in the park that was probably overdosing on something pretty severe.  Anyways, Alicia was our Morgiana! I played the Dragonball Z Kai opening on my recorder as well as The Lion Sleeps Tonight, flirted with the ladies, ran very very slowly in poofy pants, played my recorder with my nose, decorated Alibaba’s ahoge thing and was very very cold.  After we had enough of that, we were hungry again, and decided to go out to eat.  I put on a shirt and some shoes so I could get some service, and just kept the hammer pants on.  We waited for Leonard and then Minh, Alli, Alicia, Bur and I went out to eat some Japanese food.  The place was too busy because weebcon so we decided to get something else instead, and on the way back saw Daydreamer Nessa, Kie and Sparklepipsi in starry.  After dinner, we were walking back to the con center and we randomly joined in on a Mexican dance party.  It was probably the most fun thing ever.  We had a Conga line and it was hilarious and then we  left and were no longer cold.

Afterwards some things happened, which included Rumchata.  These vines might give you a good idea:



Sunday was Oreimo day~! We got into Saori and Kirino in the morning, and headed out to the con.  There was a miscommunication in the group, so the glasses Alli was going to use for Saori didn’t end up making it to the con, but we improvised with my Mao glasses.  This was the only new costume of mine that was 100% finished to my complete liking beforehand.  We did some shooting just myself and Inabari first, where we feasted on some delicious cake!! Wayfairer photo and Minh met up with us at the bakery.

Luckily, Maridah was able to join us as Kuroneko for a bit! We took some shots with Minh, Joe, Mike, and Leonard.  It was really nice to cosplay with her! We’ve been pretty good friends for a year or so now, and I was excited to wear matching costumes.  Afterwards Alli and I wandered around the con a bit, and decided to go back to the room and no longer be anime.  I kept my wig on, and we went back to the convention, and eventually ended up in the dealer’s room where I bought some over priced oreimo things.

We went and changed again, grabbed Olivia and met up with Ollie at the Marriott bar.  Pretty much everyone else seemed to be there too! It was pretty much the first time I saw Yaya all con, and it was the first time I saw Windofthestars for more than 5 seconds! We left the bar and went to Leonard’s room but.. he wasn’t there so we sat on the floor like hobos till he arrived (which was pretty soon afterwards), and party time happened! It was really great to see everyone, and it was pretty much the first time all con we got to party for a good amount of time!


I thought about cosplaying, I really did.  But of course I didn’t end up cosplaying lol.  Basically after packing and checking our bags, we went out to eat and then headed towards the airport.  We got to the airport at around 6pm or so? BARELY made it on our first (and only) flight out of San Jose by the skin of our teeth.. oh boy that was stressful.  Also, Owldepot ended up being on our flight!! I was really glad that Owldepot, Olivia and Alicia were there to be supportive because we were first told we couldn’t make the flight and it was super super stressful.  We made it to Phoenix, and didn’t make it on the plane to Boston.  After asking a gate attendant for help (who refused to help me?) I strolled on over to the other gate where a plane was leaving for Philly (our favorite place) and we got on that one immediately.  The plan was to go there because there’s a plane every hour from Philly to Boston.  Alli was exhausted and not feeling very well, and I really wanted to figure out the best way to get us home as fast as possible.  While in Philly, we missed 6 flights before we were the last two able to make it on a plane back to Boston.  By the time we got back home it had been 24 hours since we had arrived at the San Jose airport.  We had to call out of work.  What a hassle!! I’m never going to do standby tickets again.  Also, probably from lack of sleep Thursday and Monday nights and being in filthy airports for a day straight, we both got sick afterwards.  Oh well, we still had a great time at the con!

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  1. Richard says:

    Is there a reason you weren’t on the “Heroes of Cosplay”? Im not big into Cosplay, but have heard of your work and heard of that show. Was wondering how that never happened for you. You are very talented.


    • ichigokitty says:

      I personally don’t care much for the whole cosplay being in reality TV wave that happened (I didn’t actually watch any of it), since I know a lot of the drama in stuff like that gets fabricated. I would be at the mercy of editors and directors about how they felt like projecting my character. I was reached out to for one of those shows to be a part of it, maybe two, I don’t really remember, but I think I just kind of ignored the email out of not wanting to make a decision.

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