Booking info

If you’d like to invite me to your event or convention, I would be flattered!

I’m available for

  • Costume contest judging
  • Convention guest, including international conventions
  • Hosting events

Basically if it’s cosplay related and you would like to have me be a part of it!

Please send inquiries to:



  1. Craig Sutton says:

    Hi Andrea: How are you? A year or two ago we met in Fabric Place in Framingham. Are you still around here? If you are, give me a call today 508-735-4848. Every now and then I need someone for an event and have something on april 2nd. Thanks Craig

    • ichigokitty says:

      Hi! Sorry about not replying, I wasn’t able to get into my site for a little. When you messaged me I was actually in Arizona, but I’m now around NYC.

  2. Dr. Michael Craft Sr. says:

    We are filming a new cos play film in Woodstock, N.Y.! We would like you to be a character in the film. There is pay and expenses for food and lodging! Please email

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