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Links page?

Well, the Links page appears to be messed up again! There are a ton of cosplayer page pictures that aren’t even showing up on there! it’s so frustrating! I’m not ignoring your link exchanges, I swear, they just aren’t showing up for some reason ;_;


I’ve been doing some work on the site, I’m hoping to revamp everything ASAP.  I’m tired of this layout and design and I need a new one.  So, you’ll notice the pages changing a bit in order to look good for the new layout.  I’m also adding reference pictures to the cosplay pages, and overall just adding information where I don’t have any :)

Time Flies

I completed another costume, Luffy.

I added an icon for Mao (Disgaea 3), but I haven’t put up a gallery yet.  I’m currently working on numerous projects.. Caimie from One Piece, an original Steam Punk design, Bunny Bulma and some others.

My next planned convention is AWA.