Contact Lenses

Contact lenses

I’m sort of on a mission to help other cosplayers with realistic contact lens photos, reviews and information.

So, this is the gallery where I will put the contacts that I have, where I got them, photos of what they look like on my eyes, and any other information I can give you!

Crazy Lenses:

Red Lenses:

Pink Lenses:

Blue Lenses:

Green Lenses:

Aqua Lenses:

Brown Lenses:

Purple Lenses:





  1. Rydia says:

    Thank you so much! These contacts are so beautiful *-*! I have the geo twins aqua, they’re the most gorgeous light aqua contacts I’ve seen until now, and look very realistic.

  2. Ayane91 says:

    Can I ask you which kind of lens did you use for Fayris? I’ve been looking for a fuchsia-looking pair but they always were too dark or too pink for my tastes ;w; while yours look really vibrant.

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