Shiemi Moriyama (Kimono)

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Ao no Exorcist




Otakon 2011, Katsucon 2012


I LOVE Kimono.  I also really love Shiemi so I really wanted to make her beautiful kimono.  There’s multiple ways the dye/details/combination of obiage/kimono/obijime, etc on this costume.. so I had to kind of choose which way I wanted to go.  I went with the anime version, with the bunny and obijime from the picture on the right.

The most notable detail on the kimono is the dye job, which I lucked out on.  I bought the base kimono from Ebay, because I wanted to use really nice kimono fabric, and it would have been the same price as buying fabric and then making the base.  So, that made it a lot easier; Though, I think the kimono is just a bit too big for me, so it doesn’t always sit correctly.  I decided to try to bleach the ends with RIT dye remover.. and surprisingly enough, it worked!! (I tried this again with a different fabric and it did not work) So, I used the remover a few times, and then I dyed the teal color on top.  There ended up being a little bit of a water line where the teal and the pink met (and it turned purple).  In order to correct this, I went over it again with the dye remover, and then redyed it with the teal again.  It turned out significantly smoother!

For the other details on the kimono, I hand sewed on the lace, and the butterflies are store bought iron on butterflies.  I decided I didn’t have enough time to make the butterflies exactly to detail like hers.  I may go back and make the butterflies completely accurate, but I kind of like the ones I picked.

The juban I also bought, and I covered the collar with fabric that I painted stripes onto.  I also inserted an eri shin to make the collar harder.

The Obi is attatched in the back with velcro.  The fabric is interfaced and there is a layer of batting inside.  The drum on the back is attached to the fake obi, and also filled with batting.  There are little flowers ironed on to the drum, and it connects in place with snaps.  When I wear it, I use an obi makura and a hard plate for the front.  The bunny on the front of the obi is made out of sculpey and sculpted by me.

The obiage took a long time.  It’s a ton of individually sewn squares of each color.

Nii-chan was hand made by me out of a super soft fabric.  The darker green color was dyed, and most of the details are hand sewn on

When I wear this costume, it’s really warm because I have kimono underwear, a juban and a heavy kimono on top with all the accessories! I also can’t walk fast at all

Made in 2011


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