Akane Aikawa

Mahou Tsukai Tai~! 魔法使いたい



Mahou Tsukai tai (Magic User's club)


AX 2006, AFO 2006


Mahou Tsukai tai is such a cute show, and Akane is definitely my favorite character.

She's so cute and sexy and she's blue! I love how forgetful she is 031

For this costume I created a crazy witch hat by modifying an existing pattern, and using insane interfacing stuff for the brim.For the shoes, I sprayed the black sections on and added the little wings.I bought the tights from welovecolor.com. The dress was also made from an existing pattern that I altered. It was challenging because there’s no back to this dress and it goes down far in the back, so I decided to put clear elastic on the back, and I also used it to have one of the halter straps go around the neck (ya know, since it just floats on her body). The box I made from scratch, drafted the patterns and used heat n bond to put the symbol on. I love how the symbols are the first letter of each character’s name in the wiccan/witch alphabet. So cute! I made jewelry and the eye on the dress out of sculpey. I also dyed a silver wig lavender for this costume

Overall I really like it, but the shoes are killer!

Made in 2006

Release Date July 02, 2012

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