Akane Tendou (Movie 1 Dress)

Ranma 1/2



Ranma 1/2


Movie 1 Akane


Jacon 2005, Anime Expo 2006, Anime Express 2006, Otakon 2010


  • hall costume award: Jacon 2005
  • "Best lookalike": Anime Express 2006.
I like Ranma 1/2 a lot! It was probably my first anime, and I identify with Akane. I thought her outfit in Big Trouble in Nekonran China was cute, so I decided to make it.
I drafted the pattern for the jumper and I mixed patterns for the shirt. Both are lined.
I totally love this costume because it's really comfy and easy to wear. It's fun to carry P-chan around conventions This costume is retired and has been sold
This costume was made in 2005

Release Date July 02, 2012

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