Akane Tendou (Uniform)

Ranma 1/2



Ranma 1/2


School uniform


Megacon 2005 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I started this costume a LONG TIME before I finished it.. I started it while I was in high school, and Maria had helped me with the dress a bit because I had just started sewing with the machine. Unfortunately, by waiting so long to finish the costume, Joanns stopped selling that color cotton! So as a result, I couldn't make the back bow all cute and big. I actually had to hem the dress even shorter than originally planned in order to get the scrap of fabric I could use for the belt. that's really the only part of this costume I really dislike. I made the shirt myself a while later, and I finished up the jumper, while altering it a little bit to make it nicer. One thing I like about this costume is that I got a petticoat for it, to give it a more poofy/Rumiko Takahashi look. Akane actually wears a petticoat in the show, as well. This costume is retired and has been sold
Made in 2005

Release Date July 02, 2012

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