Disgaea 4

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Disgaea 4


Katsucon 2013 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The Disgaea series is one of my favorite series of games.  I love all of the characters, the gameplay, the humor, everything.  Inabari and I wanted to make the main couple from Disgaea 4 because they were just SO CUTE.
This costume is very uncomfortable to wear, and it's very hard to keep on and together.
Construction notes:
The box/tabbard is a cotton fabric with a sateen ironed on and satin stitched in place.  The shorts are a knit fabric.  The shoes are clogs I painted with Martha Stewart paint and satin wings I added on.  The edges of the white camisole and arm pieces is lettuce hemmed, and this was my first time trying that type of hem.  I thought it was rather fun.  The wings are satin with a simple wire frame.  The choker is pieces of sculpey as beads, with a foamie flower.  The golden hair pieces are foamie.  I combined two wigs from cosworx for this costume, which I chose for the color available.  I ran out of time for the braid, and ended up not making it how I wanted to.  The wig is very tight and uncomfortable.
As usual, the blue lenses I'm wearing are blue2 from
This costume was made in 2013

Release Date October 19, 2013

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