Devil Hunter Yohko


Devil Hunter Yohko


Photoshoots only
I made this costume (along with the Yohko costume my friend Katie wore) for one of's Cosplay Triathalons.
This was the first costume I made completely by myself without anyone else helping; it was so cool! I felt so accomplished to finally make something without anyone else's help, and I think it turned out quite well. I used a heavy satin for the dress, and felt for the design on the front. I wish I had gotten a wig for this costume, but I was honestly so confused about Azusa's real hair color.. sometimes they showed it as brown, so I just used my own hair. Unfortunately, it was very humid, so my hair didn't stay straight or nice. Thus, my hair does not look lovely in any of the photos I have. This costume is retired and is for sale
Made in 2004

Release Date July 02, 2012

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