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Katsucon 2011 ------------------------------------------------------

I love Beatrice. I had originally planned to make this and completely surprise Alli by showing up in it while she was in Battler.. but I have a very hard time keeping secrets, and she's too smart. I was also just SO EXCITED about it, so I let the cat out of the bag.

The shirt I got at a local thrift store and altered the bottom of it to have the points. The tie was purchased from ebay, and the shoes are from a previous costume (Abbey Chase).

I made the jacket and vest, pretty straight-forward construction. I just used patterns for them, and spend some time fitting them. The jacket and vest are completely lined and the jacket actually is lined in gold because I wanted to be creative.

The skirt probably took the longest time out of anything. It's four lined layers, and it probably weighs enough to knock someone out. Scallops are oh so frustrating and basically apparent in every single Umineko costume ever. I wish this skirt was a little lighter so it would lay prettier.

The stockings were made from scratch, it's just stripes of cotton lycra sewn together.

The cane was purchased at a thrift store and painted.

The wig came basically pre-styled from taobao, but I did cut the bangs.

I painted the eagle on my thigh with a small paintbrush and some body paint.

Made in 2011

Photos by Darkain:

Photos by Ljinto:

Release Date July 02, 2012


  1. Gerardo says:

    Nice work of art and i hope you continue to make more cosplay outfits

  2. Jackwagon Panda says:

    The colors really stand out, and the clothes are exceptionally made. This was some really good stuff, I think you captured Beatrice’s look in that uniform. That’s some impressive cosplaying right there. Nice job.

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