Umineko no naku koro ni


Umineko no naku koro ni


Anime Boston 2010, Fanime 2010, AUSA 2010


  • Best Performance: Anime Boston 2010


I originally made this costume because my friends asked me to participate in a skit they were putting together, and I was very excited to join.

Before totally agreeing though, I wanted to make sure I liked the character. So, I ended up watching the Umineko anime and decided Beelzebub is pretty freaking awesome and it's lucky that was the character they wanted me to be!

The bodysuit was purchased, in order to match with the other stake costumes, but I had to alter it quite a bit, because it didn't curve enough in the back. I made a little half shirt for the white shirt part, and the tie is fake and snaps onto that. The jacket and vest are fully lined, and I like them a lot~ They're made from a nice suiting and are both very comfortable. I hand made the patch (as well as patches for the other stakes) by using heat n bond and paint.

The stockings were purchased, and the garters were made. The skirt contains a lot of interfacing and is made up of 2 layers of white scallops, one layer of red and one layer of black. The scallops were quite the challenge because the fabric is a silky polyester blend. The black part of the skirt is a suiting fabric, and the eagle was hand painted on. The big bow in the back has a ton of interfacing and it snaps on!

Made in 2010

Release Date July 02, 2012

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