Bulma (Buu Saga)

DragonBall Z



Dragonball Z


Buu Saga


AFO 2006, AX 2007, Summer Comiket 2007, Otakon 2010 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dragonball is definitely one of my favorite anime. When I was young, I used to like to pretend to be Bulma, she's my favorite~ I don't remember why I decided to do Buu saga Bulma in particular.. The outfit is simple and I really enjoyed the Buu saga (mostly for chibi trunks). The dress was made out of casa satin (my drug of choice), and for some reason I couldn't find the base pattern I wanted to use in my size, so I had to get one in a size 14 and scale it down.. so that was a bit of a trip.. and ended up making the dress not look too great. I made the boot covers out of microsuade and I used some batting to give them that little bit of body. I dyed the wig from a 613 platinum blonde wig using sharpies.
Made in 2006, debuted at AFO 2006

Release Date July 02, 2012

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