Chii – pink dress


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Katsucon 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------
I did initially have a hard time deciding what color to make this dress.  Some scans look pink or champagne colored, and my artbook looks cream-white. I'm glad I went with pink though, it's so precious~ Akuriko drafted the base pattern for both of our dresses so we could match and she did an amazing job!! There's about 8 yards of satin in this, mostly in the flounces! The flounces are finished off with a rolled hem from my serger, and they are gathered. I absolutely adore this dress, but maybe I didn't 100% get the extremely low cut chobits thing quite perfect! The hair spools were made by Akuriko, and the Chii ears were made by me with molding from Akuriko~
Made in 2013

Photos by Ljinto:

Release Date February 25, 2013


  1. Thaiane says:

    Amazing *—-*
    Did you sewed by yourself? Can you avaible the molds?

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