Chizuru Minamoto





Otakon 2010, Anime Boston 2011


Okay, this is sort of a mindless ecchi anime, but I just thought Chizuru was so cute, and I love kitsune. The manga is pretty good, though it's nothing ground breaking.

For the costume, I used basic cottons for the jacket and a suiting base for the skirt. I had to applique on the stripes to the skirt to make it an accurate design. I'm not particularly proud of this skirt, I think I could have done much better. The jacket is fully lined and fitted. The white shirt was bought at a local thrift store. The stripes on the bow were painted on.

I dyed the fur to try my best to match the wig. The tail has copper wire on the inside, and it slips under a waist cincher that holds it in place.

Made in 2010

Release Date July 02, 2012

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