Dlanor A. Knox

Umineko no naku koro ni


Umineko no naku koro ni


Katsucon 2012, Fanime 2012 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The base materials are blue suiting, black stretch velvet and gold stretch vinyl. I used a base pattern as a guide, and drafted a pattern from that for the jacket. The double poof sleeve was a bit of a challenge, but it seemed to work out in the end! Between the blue and white layers of the jacket, I had a half petticoat to help get the poofy shape. The arm is wonderflex as a base. I ironed on vinyl to foamie and then glued that on top to get the shiny effect. The gold belt is also foamie with vinyl ironed on. For the keys on the hat, I took a key I had and made a mold. I then casted all the keys out of liquid plastic, so they would all be light and the same shape.
Made in 2012

Photos by LJinto

Progress Shots

Release Date August 25, 2012


  1. ushiromiya says:

    Awesome cosplay, you look hot! Dlanor A. Knox is awesome :3

  2. Ilionej says:

    …I always wondered how you store that wig…can’t put it in a box, can you? XD

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