AFO 2003


I had a great time making this costume, and Julie (My Chii partner) helped out a TON with the bodice top part of mine; She also styled my wig, got the ears, and made my hat. It was really hard to decide how I wanted to go about making this costume, because I had found many pictures of a model of this costume that showed that the top was completely opened with a deep V cut out of it. However, I'd never seen anyone cosplay it like this. From the original picture, you can't tell what it looks like front-on. I tried to do it so it was just a deep V, but it didn't work, so I had to end up stitching it closed to save my dignity! It's pretty cool though, it laces up in the front and back! I made everything else on this costume that wasn't previously mentioned that Julie did. The skirt I made myself, as well as the stockings, and arm thingies. I know I made a bunch of the top, but I don't exactly remember all of what I did and didn't do. Julie definitely sewed the boning in. This costume is retired and has been sold
Made in 2003

Release Date July 02, 2012

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