Hibiki Ganaha – Symphony no. 765


The iDOLM@STER Shiny festa / The iDOLM@STER One for All


Symphony no. 765


Katsucon 2013 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Since Shiny festa had recently come out, we decided to make a group for Katsucon 2013 in these outfits. I love image color outfits (it helps teal has been my favorite color for ages), and everyone seemed interested in doing these! We almost had a full 13 girl group for this! Last minute, I ended up cranking out a Haruka in two days so that we could at least have 12, since our Haruka had dropped.  It was a wonderful experience being able to work with all my friends again, and I worked so hard to make it as easy for everyone as I could.  I appreciate everyone cosplaying in this group with me, and Joelle for being flexible and joining last minute as Haruka!
This was another one of those cases where we couldn't find a good color for the blue, so we ended up  getting the fabric locally.  For all of the polka dot fabric, we used spoonflower to have those printed.  We all tried to use the same pattern for the top and skirt, and jacket.  We posted measurements and photos so we could match as much as possible.  Kapalaka (out Azusa) made the cuff pattern for everyone! We all used piping in the skirt, jacket and cuffs to match the reference as much as possible. I sculpted, molded and casted the accessories for everyone in the group <3.
Made in 2013

Release Date February 18, 2016

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