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Katsucon 2012, Fanime 2012 ------------------------------------------------------------- Hibiki is my girl!! :D Her Luxury costume is so cool :3 This was made for a matching iDOLM@STER group at Katsucon 2012 <3 my girls
Fabric choices are Casa Satin and confetti dot (with a pink stretch lining). The costume is seam accurate, which was a bit of a challenge on the pants! I originally made them without an inseam, and then played my game on a larger TV and realized she DOES have an inseam (they don't draw it in her reference for this costume), so I added it later. but boy oh boy it was interesting making a pair of pants without an inseam. The boot covers were pretty easy. The necklace was sculpted out of super sculpey and had a chain added. The ponytail beads were made by making one out of super sculpey, and then casting all of them in liquid plastic. The wig is the most challenging part of wearing this costume, the ponytail weighs a lot!! it's two ponytails put together, so it has a tendency to want to slip. The first time I wore this costume, my belt didn't come in the mail in time so I had to make one really quick in one hour before I left for my plane! The photos from Katsucon show the makeshift belt, and the ones from Fanime have the actual belt
Made in 2012

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Release Date July 02, 2012

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