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Snowflake lilypad


photoshoot ------------------------------------------------------------------ For Christmas 2011, Alli (Inabari) and I decided to make the iDOLM@STER "Snowflake Lilypad" costumes! She didn't know I was flying up to visit her for her birthday, and since our costumes had to match, I ended up doing a lot of the matching details on both costumes. It was pretty cold when we wore these!! We got some really nice photos with LJinto, though!
We decided to use a nice Velveteen fabric for the white and stretch velvet for the blue boot covers. The fur is just craft fur and the sleeve piece is a knit. I bought an inexpensive airbrush for this costume, and I used it to create the gradient on both of our sleeves. After making the gradient, I used a stencil to paint the white polka dots. For the snowflakes on the skirt, I made us stencils with one of those paper cutter scrapbooking tools, and I painted both skirts. We used the same stencil for the snowflakes on the arms too :3. The top has boning in the side and back, and there are four snowflake buttons holding it closed. The snowflakes along the trim of the top, the gloves, and the boots are cut out of glitter paper stock and laminated. The hair accessory snowflake and garter snowflake are foamie with a layer of glitter over top of it. For the hair accessory and the details on the waist, I painted the gradients on again with the airbrush. I made both the wrist bands and garters for us so that they'd match, though I did not make Inabari's bows on hers.
Made in 2011

Photos by Ljinto:

Progress photos:

Release Date July 02, 2012

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