Angelic Layer


Angelic Layer


Metrocon 2005, Anime Expo 2006 ----------------------------------------------------------- This costume was specifically made for Metrocon's chess match, so I had to make parts of it more battle friendly then I would have normally if I were just making the costume. The first version of this was rushed and missing a few details. For version two, I commissioned arm doughnuts from Mrs. Tomoe, took in the gloves and finished off the leg things. This costume is cool, because I really feel like a doll in it. Mostly because the contacts and my bangs blind me, so I kind of feel like a robot. Hikaru is such a cute character, I really adore her! sewing the shorts on was very very hard, especially when I had to pin the whole thing myself.It was hard working with this fabric because the sewing machine I had at the time wasn't good enough to really sew this type of stretch vinyl. This costume is retired and has been sold
Made in 2005

Release Date July 02, 2012

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