Ichigo Momomiya (Battle)

Tokyo Mew Mew


Tokyo Mew Mew




Necronomicon 2002, Metrocon 2003, Megacon 2005, Photoshoots


  • Metrocon 2003 - Best in Show
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I had found pictures of Tokyo Mew Mew before it was released in Japan and I immediately liked it just by the way that it looked. I had the hardest time choosing if I liked minto (because she was blue) or Ichigo (because she was a kitty). I ended up going with Ichigo, and it turned out to be one of my signature characters. The collar on Ichigo was the first thing I've ever sewn (yaaay) and this costume evolved a bit through time! I went through quite a few wig changes and added/changed boots etc. I didn't have boot covers at first. The first versions were made in 2002 and the final versions were made in 2003. Wigs were the only things changed after that. As far as the actual construction of the costumes go... My mother helped out immensely with my Ichigo costume (because I'd never touched a sewing machine before). She made the skirt, and definitely a big part of the top... but I also remember working on the top. I don't remember exactly what I sewed on this costume, since it was so long ago. I believe I put together the pieces of the top, and mom did all the finishing. This costume was a huge learning experience! I made the boot covers, tail and ears, as well as altering the gloves. The neck charms were commissioned, and the item is the official one. The most recent wigs for Ichigo and Minto were both cut and styled by me, hooray for my first updo wig!
This costume is retired and has been sold
Made in 2002/2003

Release Date July 02, 2012

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