Ichigo Momomiya – Maid

Tokyo Mew Mew


Tokyo Mew Mew


Maid cafe


Metrocon 2003, Photoshoots


These costumes were a product of our "Project Tokyo Mew Mew Sweatshop". We got together with many of our other friends and worked on these things for 2 weeks straight, and pumped out 6 maid outfits as well as the other girl's battle outfits! This was all done for Metrocon 2003, but it all paid off because our group won best of show for our battle costumes in the costume contest.

Anyway, I think Victoria made most, if not all, of the skirts for the maid outfits.. and my mother did a lot of the work on the shirts (except minto's). Victoria made her maid costume by herself, before the rest of the sweatshop. In the sweatshop, we each had specific jobs to do (hats, cut out fabric, bloomers, shirts, aprons, etc) and we got these finished through our group effort (GO TEAM!).

This costume is retired and has been sold

Made in 2003

Release Date July 02, 2012

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