Kamiya Kaoru – Blue kimono

Rurouni Kenshin


Rurouni Kenshin


Blue Manga Kimono


Photoshoots only

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is my second Kaoru costume that I made for a photoshoot with Janet (Hime no Toki). There's only one picture of this kimono, so I had to kind of guess on the pattern on the back. Judging by how most kimonos are, I made my decision. Again, I altered the same pattern I used for the first purple kimono, maybe a little bit better this time. I shortened the sleeves, and hand-painted on the flowers. I'm really happy with the result of the flowers, actually! I used casa crepe for this costume, since kimonos in the meiji era were made out of a silk-crepe type of fabric. I also made the juban underneath, as well as the ribbon. The obi is 9ft long and I ironed on every single stripe. This time around, I got extensions for my sideburns! They seemed to work out well, but my bangs were cut a little too short I was so lucky to team up with Hime no Toki for this project! I had a lot of fun! Character: Kaoru - Andrea, Kenshin - Himenotoki This costume is retired and has been sold
Made in 2005

Release Date July 02, 2012

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