Katara – season 2

Avatar: The last Airbender



Avatar: The Last Airbender


Season 2


Megacon 2007, Anime South 2007, Photoshoots

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All my friends were getting into this show called Avatar, and I didn't trust it.. being on Nickelodeon and all. When they expressed interest in me cosplaying with them I was still skeptical.. but I accidentally caught the end of season 2 on TV and I immediately fell in love! How could I have said no to this?! Haha, after watching it, I decided that I liked Katara. Water's my element and I really liked her character <3. Plus, she has HUGE dark brown hair just like me! I finally figured out how to make this costume work after much thought.. and I was so happy with the result. For megacon 2007 I made a hybrid between her first and second season outfits (which is what most people do), because I was planning on making it transformable. Well, that didn't work because they're totally different! So, later on I made a season 2 kimono in maybe a day and a half, fully lined and I love it! This costume is so comfortable and I love the hairstyle.. though I'm not sure if it's the most flattering on me. The braid and loopies are extensions and I often get asked if it's my real hair. The hardest part of this costume is making myself brown and making it look right.. because I'm pretty pale! After a lot of trial and error, I found something that I like the most, and I've been using that method ever since. If you need any help with body painting, please message me, I'll be glad to help!
Made in 2007

Release Date July 02, 2012


  1. Valeria says:

    I want to be Katara for Halloween!!! I keep looking online on how to make or where to find the costume and there’s nothing!! Could you please help me?!

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