Katara – Season 3

Avatar: The last Airbender


screen4 Avatar: The Last Airbender


Season 3


Anime Expo 2008, Otakon 2010, Katsucon 2011, photoshoots ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This is my favorite Katara costume so far. I made it out of linens, and it's quite comfortable. I used the same pants from Season 2. The shoes are painted with floral spray and they were originally brown. The white part on the bottom was appliqued on, and the white collar part was satin stitched on. I made everything on the costume except for the water tribe pendant. My water gourd is the same as my season 2 costume, and it functions and holds water.
Made in 2008

Release Date July 02, 2012


  1. Whitney says:

    Where did you get Katara’s dress from? Was it online or hand-made?
    – Thanks!

  2. Kaite says:

    Hi! I absolutely love this Katara cosplay and I was wondering if you could tell me how you made it. You see, I’m making a Katara costume too but I have no idea how to even begin making it. (I’m brand new at making costumes ^-^’) Do you think you could help?

    • ichigokitty says:

      Can you ask specific questions? It’s very hard to answer how I made something. I touch on a lot of the construction notes in the costume description.

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