Kousaka Kirino

Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai


Ore no Imouto Ga Konna ni kawaii wake ga nai (Oreimo)


Episode 2 Akihabara outfit


Anime Boston 2011, Otakon 2011, Photoshoots


I love Kirino SO MUCH, and I want to make all of her cute outfits. I love everything about this show and I identify with Kirino whether I like it or not~

Construction-wise: The tank top and skirt were bought. The sweater top is double layered cotton lycra that I dyed slightly darker than the color it came. For the ribbing on the arm holes and hem of the top, I added in some batting to give it that sweater appearance. The thigh highs were bought and I attached trim to it. For the boots, I bought some base ones off of ebay, and I taped off sections, and painted the designs with fabric paint. I also added the little pink tabs on the sides.

I made the earring and necklace out of sculpey and painted them. The bracelet is a scrunchy with a ribbon bow attached. For the barrettes, I painted them the correct color. I bought a base purse and added the details to look like the purse she carries with her in the episode

The wig is a Le Tigre Long from Arda. I styled it with heat and hair spray, though I wish the ends were more naturally bent! The color, however, is the perfect shade!

Inabari is my ADORABLE older brother and she's a great sport for putting up with her annoying imouto~

Made in 2011

Release Date July 03, 2012

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