One Piece



One Piece




AFO 2009, AWA 2009, EXP 2009


I love Luffy!!! He's also tons of fun to cosplay, I enjoy it greatly. It's kind of like I can be my goofy self! haha

This costume was easy, and I made the shorts and vest. The shorts have cute treasure map pirate lining in the pockets and fly, I was really excited about adding that. The shorts are actually kinda.. big on me, I made it too big around the waist, because I didn't want it to be too tight and look girly. So, instead I just have to pull them up a lot.

Made in 2009

Release Date July 03, 2012


  1. Edward Newby says:

    Hello :D
    My name is Edward and I love your Luffy cosplay. I’m trying to make one myself, do you have any tips on how to make one like yours? I don’t normally make costumes so any help would be appreciated.

    Thank You :)
    -Edward Newby

    • ichigokitty says:

      (sorry for the late reply) I would suggest just finding patterns similar! You can follow the instructions on there and it should give you an idea of what you’re doing! :)

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