Disgaea 3


Disgaea 3


AWA 2009, Megacon 2009


  • Best group: Megacon 2009
  • Best Construction: AWA 2009


aaaaaaaaaa I love Disgaea xD.

Some of my friends had sparked my interest in this character, and introduced me to him. I didn’t have a PS3, so they let me come over and play the whole game at their house, which was totally awesome.

The design of this coat was a big challenge. He doesn’t actually wear the coat; it just rests on his shoulders with the arms floating behind him. In order to mimic this, I made a wing harness with the arms essentially as the “wings”. Each button on the costume was first made in sculpey, molded, and then made out of liquid plastic and painted. I did the same thing with the fake chain links on the jacket. The black parts on the sleeves was iron-on applique and fabric. The boots were painted and fabric was added to them, they were made to look like high top sneakers. I made a bodysuit, with foam arm doughnuts underneath to give it that strange shape around his arms. There are black pants and then the white shorts over top, both of which I made. I have in contacts, teeth, and ears.

The wig was originally styled by Kichara, and I added and changed some of it (mainly the bangs) after, so we both had a hand in that.

Made in 2009

Release Date July 03, 2012

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