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Phoenix Wright




Jacon 2007, Megacon 2007 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I first made this costume for Megacon 2007, to be in a group with my friends and I was having a very hard time finding fabric that was the right color, so I actually dyed the kimono fabric which was a huge ordeal. I first dyed white fabric- and it was ruined because I used powdered dye -.-.. then I went with an off-white, which gave me the perfect color! and I had less spots on the fabric.. It was interesting to have to cut around them. The kimono is heavily altered from a regular kimono pattern (which are HUGE) and I actually have to fold it like a real kimono when I wear it. Anyway, The jacket is pretty much straight off of a pattern I had lying around, the obi I made a pattern for and I stuffed the bow with batting. The geta are my personal pair that we wrapped fabric around to make burgundy. I made the necklace just out of wood balls and super sculpey. The second time I wore this was for Jacon 2007 and it was much better that time around because I took in the kimono so I wouldn't look like a big house! I love the way it fits now!
Made in 2007

Release Date July 03, 2012

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