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The iDOLM@STER: Cinderella girls



My first Star


Katsucon 2016


Made in 2016



When I originally started making this costume, I didn’t care an extreme amount about the details and how fancy I wanted to make everything; but when I was getting further into making it, I got more and more involved in how amazing I wanted to try to make this look.
Mika is one of my favorite girls in Cinderella Girls, so I decided to cosplay as her, and my friend KohimeBashiri joined me as her adorable sister, Rika.

This is another costume I made with the intent of others joining and being able to match, so everything was documented and thought out very carefully.


For the shoes, I painted some shoes I bought with silver/lavender/light blue paint mix.  I added a fur cuff, and casted these beautiful hearts that glitter~


I made the leggings with some off-white spandex and top stitched on some gold vinyl for the details.

The bodice I made twice, in order to get the patterning the way I wanted.  I drafted a pattern for the “Passion” type top, and Kie helped me a tremendous amount with the sleeve pattern!

The choker rose is a paper rose that I painted a slightly brighter color yellow to look more like the reference.

I bought base gloves and added the ruffle and bow detail.

I patterned the bottom of the dress part (The “spikes”) and after some adjusting, finally felt okay with it even though it’s not 100% accurate.

Decided to use some fancy sequin trim for the gold on the spikes.  I used the same heart mold to mold the gold stars hanging at the end.

The shorts were a lucky find at a local fabric store- somehow I was able to find purple, sparkly “fur”.  I immediately needed to have this fabric for the shorts! lol It was so idol-like!


I got a bit creative with the brooch~ The original was 3D Printed by Savannah, I ended up buying a dremel and changing the shape of it a little before sanding and molding it.  The picture to the right is my finished brooch, this was casted in liquid plastic from the mold I created.  Afterwards, it was painted, and I thought it needed a ton of glitter, so I added in some hearts and stars!

The apron flap in the front of the dress is my least favorite part because I found it very hard to look good and make any sense with the rest of the costume.  It kept wanting to wrinkle or pucker in weird places because it makes no sense.

I made two blue skirts for this costume.  Originally I made a skirt out of cotton and star sparkle organza from Joanns, and I wasn’t completely happy with the pattern I created or how the skirt was looking.  I completely started over after finding some Taffeta at Mood in NYC that I fell in love with.  I adjusted my pattern, did some troubleshooting, and made a new skirt out of the taffeta.  I also added some 1″ horsehair braid at the hem.

Due to previous plans falling through, the crown was printed and delivered last minute by Olivia at Newfangled notions, and delivered to me at the con! I sanded and painted before wearing it the next day.  Just made it!

For various reasons, I ended up doing quite a few things for my Rika, too! I casted all of her hearts, made her brooch, painted her shoes, provided patterns and some fabrics, and made her light blue skirt! All for the sake of matching!



Release Date February 22, 2016

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