Space flight suit


AWA 2004, Dragon*con 2004


My friend William first told me about Macross, and after learning a lot from him, and seeing the series, I decided that Zentraedi rule!! So, that fact being underway, uhm, I had to cosplay Miriya, because... she rules!

Miriya is a Zentraedi, which is like.. a battle-crazed 50ft alien. She's the best pilot the Zentraedi have, and she's perplexed when she meets a Micronian (human) that defeats her. Yeah, well they get married and I guess that's the end of that. Macross is so silly.

This costume is very fun to wear, and to be in character! My dream is to get a bunch of Zentraedi together and stomp around! yeaaaah!

This costume is made out of lycra, and it was made in a college dorm.. lol. The helmet was made by Roy. It was a bit of a rush job, but I'm still pretty happy with it!

This costume is retired and is sold

Made in 2004

Release Date July 02, 2012

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