Muramasa: The Demon Blade

SOURCE: Minitokyo.Oboro.Muramasa.Scans_411786

Muramasa: the Demon Blade


Fanime 2012



Momohime has such a beautiful design! It piqued my interest first, and then I played the game, and it’s totally right up my alley! It’s really interesting and very fun to play.

I used the statue of her for additional reference, since the references of these characters vary greatly.  It was pretty hard to find fabric, and deciding what color to go with for everything.  The colors change in literally every picture, and then there’s the additional reference of the figure (which I preferred to go off of).

I started this costume a few years before I finished it, I ended up taking a long break and getting back to it after a while.  I ended up painting the gradient on the sleeve with fabric paint, and painting the flowers on separate white fabric before adhering them to the sleeves with heat n bond.

The obi was a lot of fun, it was my first time sequining anything.  I painted on the flowers, sewed beads around the edges and then I sewed some lovely yellow sequins to give it an interesting touch.  The armor pieces are all made out of a mixture of foamie and wonderflex.  I used magnets to hold it onto my kimono.

More information about this costume, and an up close look can be found on this video:


Made in 2012


Release Date February 25, 2013

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