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Photoshoot, Disney World ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I love Princess Jasmine! Aladdin was one of my favorite Disney movies growing up. My friends and I decided to make costumes for a Princess and Pirate party at Disney, and I chose to make Jasmine. I made it at the same time as Rosalina, in March 2008. As usual, I had to rush it towards the end, so my wig wasn't styled when we went to disney. It still was apparently good enough to cause entertainment to harass us the entire evening, assuming we were going to tell people we were official characters, and asking us to take off our wigs. This was a costume party and we were encouraged to come in costume, though.. so that was pretty darn annoying to us.

Anyway! More about the costume..

I used satin with an overlay of mesh material that had glittery sparkles on it to give it that kind of look that the disney barbie dolls always have. For the waistband, I used the same material I used on Rosalina, and I don't remember what it was, it was just on sale lol. The shoes I found after much tedious searching from a dance site. I made the necklace last minute out of model magic. The earrings were made from sculpey, molded and then casted in liquid plastic to be lighter. I actually have them hanging off of the top of my ears with paperclips so there's no real strain on my ears. As with Katara, I paint my body with ben nye for this costume, which makes it a bit tedious to wear.

I still want to work on the wig for this costume, and the headband.

Made in 2008

Release Date July 03, 2012


  1. Kellie says:

    I love this cosume… you sell these by any chance? PLEASE get back with me either way……

  2. Analisa says:

    Do you sell the headband?

    • ichigokitty says:

      (Sorry for the late reply) The headband is actually just a piece of fabric with a gem I made! Nothing too impressive. I bet you could find something good on etsy or storenvy though

  3. Maider Madrazo says:

    Where can I get this costume? I love princess Jasmine and I think your costume is awesome! The best I’ve seen! Please, contact me:)

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