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Touhou Project


Touhou Project




Otakon 2011, Fanime 2012


Inabari suggested cosplaying as Remilia and Sakuya together, and I gladly agreed because Remilia is just so cute~! I also wanted an excuse to make some new wings.

I put a lot into this costume, and I really gave it my all. This costume has the best bows I've made to date. For the back bow, it has interfacing, batting and foamie sheets inside of it. The rest of the bows have just interfacing and batting. The dress is made out of crepe and satin.

It was really interesting trying to pick which design of Remilia I wanted to do and which details I wanted to include or exclude. It was surprisingly difficult to get the shape down and have it be flattering.

The wig is actually two wigs put together.

For the wings, I bent a PVC pipe with a heat gun into the basic skeleton shape I wanted for the wings, and then I glued vinyl to the pipe. I made a back pack out of a sheet of plastic with pipe pieces screwed on. The backpack has multiple straps that wrap around my torso, and one that wraps around my waist. The wings are inputted through large button holes in the back of the shirt into the wing harness and held in place with metal pins.

I have a very hard time making flattering faces with these fangs lol..

Let me know if you have any questions!

Made in 2011

Photos by Nic Morganti:

Photos by Darkain:

Progress shots:

Release Date July 03, 2012


  1. Lydianita (Lolitah) says:

    Hello, okay?
    I will make my first cosplay Remilia Scarlet, I love your wings! Here where I live it is difficult to find ready, and it is also expensive. Sorry to ask, I was very curious to know what fabric you used, especially on the inside, I looked her videos but had no tutorial or anything that disesse which is the material. I’m using google translator, sorry any error in “my” English.
    Sig: Lolitah

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