Rin Kagamine – Hakamairi





Hakamairi/Soubo uta


Photoshoot/Halloween, AUSA 2010 --------------------------------------------------------- For Halloween of 2010, I wanted to make the Rin of a favorite Vocaloid song of mine: Hakamairi. It has a matching Len, and JJ joined me for this cosplay. The wrappings are pretty self explainatory. I just made stretchy strips of fabric, and the top is a tube top. The straps of the kimono have wire inside in order to give it the floating effect that you see in the picture. The obi was hand painted. The head piece was made out of plastic eyeballs, sculpey (heart), golf tees, and some more sculpey, as well as plastic chains. It's relatively heavy. The horns I made from sculpey and attached them to a piece of elastic I tied on my head. I made the hammer out of sculpey and a dowel.
Made in 2010

Release Date July 03, 2012

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