The X-men


X-men, Marvel VS Capcom 2


Classic version


Megacon 2004, Dragon*Con 2004, Dragon*Con 2006,


I made this for the Marvel Vs Capcom gathering at Megacon in 2004, and my partner Victoria accompanied me as Storm.

This costume was difficult because none of the fabric stores carried that color green, and the yellow was pretty far off too. So, I basically had to start off with a green bodysuit, and hand stitch on the yellow with invisible thread. MAN it was a pain. It would have been a lot easier to just make my own pattern. I remember crying while making this costume out of frustration lol.

For the wig, I sewed in white extensions, and for the jacket, I had to take a leather jacket from goodwill to a tailor because my machine couldn't handle sewing that. The belt I've never really liked, but this is an old costume so my lack of skills is apparent.

I love Rogue, I'd like to make a nicer costume of her in the future.

This costume is retired and has been sold

Made in 2004

Release Date July 02, 2012

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