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Super Mario Galaxy


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Megacon 2008, Jacon 2008, Anime Expo 2008, AWA 2008, TNT 2009, Anime Boston 2010

------------------------------------------------------------ Rosalina is the new princess from Super Mario Galaxy, and I really like her! She's a very motherly character, she wears one of my favorite colors and her hair is so emo-tastic! I think I made this in about a month.. I was very happy with my fabric choices because I was trying to make it look very "space princess" like. The main part of the dress was made with crepe-backed satin, and the sheer parts on the sleeves, top and bottom of the dress.. I'm not sure what that fabric is. This was my first time working with either of these difficult fabrics, and I learned a lot. I took a basic pattern, altered it to fit the character, and made my own pattern for the sleeves and two panels in the dress. The dress seams are top stitched to prevent puckering. I have these really awesome silver high heels for this dress, but they make my feet blister! The crown is polystyrene and foamie. I casted all of the gems for this outfit myself out of clear casting resin, from molds of sculpey pieces I made from scratch. The star on the chest is wood and the wand is also wood. The wig was styled by me. I love to wear this dress because I feel very princess-like in it! I also hate to wear it because I have to stand in a way where I have to arch my back and I can only see out of one eye! I'm very surprised at the response to wearing Rosalina, and I love to pose with other mario characters!!
Made in 2008

Release Date July 03, 2012


  1. Liz says:

    Do u make this rosalina dress to sell? My daughter wants go be her for Halloween and I love the way u made this. Please let me know thanks

  2. B says:

    I love your cosplay! Do you still have the pattern? I would love to buy it off of you as I am planning on cosplaying as Rosalina myself! Thank you!

  3. ashley says:

    do you mind me asking what pattern you used to make this? I want to make one and I can’t find a pattern that even comes close to her dress

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