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Final Fantasy XIII


Final Fantasy XIII




Fanime 2010 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I made this costume to go with PikminLink's Lightning, but we haven't gotten the opportunity to wear them together! She wasn't finished for Fanime in time (shiku shiku). The skirt fabric was sent to me by PL from CA's fabric district because I couldn't find an appropriate plaid anywhere local. The skirt is ridiculously short. The gold details on the front are foamie and brads. The black under layer is a separate skirt made out of sheer black fabric with black lace on the ends. If I were to do it again, I would probably connect the two. The top is a linen fabric with some casa satin and sheer organza on top. The zig zag pattern where the buttons are is closed off with bias tape with mitered corners (that was a pain). I think the fit and design of this shirt is rather awkward. The first time I wore it I tried to make it sort of baggy like the art, and that ended up just looking bad. So, when I wore it again for the photoshoot, I took it in by a few inches and it looks significantly more flattering. The collar does not stand up how I wish it would, though. The pink over vest is made out of a pink sheer organza that is simply serged on the edges. The jewelry is probably my favorite part and the most time consuming and expensive part of this costume. I hand sculpted the cat earrings out of sculpey. The necklace I used a plastic ball, and sculpey; I used a dremmel to get the desired shape. The hair tie and bracelet were just putting a bunch of beautiful gems together with wire, essentially. The stockings were bought and I added the silver vinyl pieces to it.
Made in 2010

Release Date July 03, 2012


  1. Zakuzx says:

    Just want to say this cosplay… between your beauty and the costume… PERFECTION! Absolutely gorgeous! Also if you made the engagement necklace AWESOME JOB!

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