Tiny Snow Fair Sugar


Tiny snow fair Sugar


Megacon 2003


This costume was made on a whim! We saw the anime and thought it was just so cute, we decided to make it. Sugar was made back in 2003, which basically calculates to me not making very much of it. My mother, and LainaBug helped with the majority of this costume.. I pretty much only did some of the details. If I were to remake it now, I would totally make it more poofy! Salt was just finished in 2006, even though it was actually started in 2003. In order to make up for not making Sugar, Salt's shirt was made by me, and the wig was styled by me. Victoria made the rest of Salt, and our wings were commissions. The giant waffle was my first prop ever! Dad helped me cut out the foam for it with a meat-progressive-knife-thing.
This costume is currently retired and for sale
Made in 2003

Release Date July 02, 2012

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