Super Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Super S



Sailor Moon Super S


Super Sailor Moon


Anime Expo 2009, AUSA 2010, Fanime 2010, Katsucon 2011


I have wanted to make this costume since I was 11. I ALWAYS wanted to dress up as Sailor Moon! As a result, I was very particular about how I made this costume and what it looked like. I made it to the best of my ability and I'm happy with the result! The brooches, and every moon on my costume (there's 7 total) were made out of sculpey, molded and then made out of epoxy resin and coated with a high gloss coat.. so that took a bit of time in itself. I've been working on this costume for quite a while, and I've recently updated some things on it. I've shortened the skirt by a few inches, and made it smaller around also, redoing the pleats and the zipper. I've made a new yellow belt, new odango covers and I've fixed the sleeve things. The odango covers are also epoxy resin with the high gloss coat on top. I made the bodysuit, and an armor "tank top" to go on top. I altered the boots a little, adding the white edges, cutting them, and taking them in a little. The shoulder armor is actually iron on vinyl over pink sheer fabric, I was REALLY excited to use that stuff. I also used it to "interface" the butt bow, which is also clear. Pretty much everything on this costume snaps into place~ I love snaps lol. I added some batting in the chest bow for it to have that poofy anime shape. I'm still not exactly happy with the wig.. it's very heavy, so it's super super hard for me to get the pigtails up as high as I would like. I still don't want to stub the wig tho because it's so pretty :<. That's my next "alteration" that I hope to get a bit more right for the next time I wear it. I got the base wig from cyperous and I also had them make me custom SUPER LONG extensions. They tangle quite badly, though. I did add a few pieces in the back to try to make the part I made look better, but it's really not that great because I don't have a heat sealer. Ah well.
Made in 2009

Release Date July 03, 2012

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