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Card Captor Sakura



Card Captor Sakura


Art image (Creamsickle colored)


AWA 2008


  • AWA 2008: Most Accurate
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- While browsing through some photos on my computer, I came across this Card Captor Sakura Manga image that I really liked the costumes for, and I showed it to Nikki. It turned out she always wanted to make them too, so we promptly decided to make these costumes for AWA 2008.

Costume details:

The fabric for the pants and under shirt are both crepe, and the pants are fully lined. The undershirt is french seamed. The orange color is the wrong side of crepe-back satin that was dyed in a yellow dye bath to get a slightly different tint. I used patterns for mostly everything and altered them to look like the character's outfit. The jacket was pretty confusing, construction-wise, because I wasn't sure what was really going on in the picture. All of the piping was made from scratch, I styled the wig, and sprayed the shoes white. The design detailing was gradient-dyed by Nikki and I appliqued the fabric, cut out the pieces (yes.. all of the teeny tiny pieces) and ironed them on. That's about it! Everyone seemed to love these because we look like little cakes or something ^o^
Made in 2008

Release Date July 03, 2012

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