Utena (Duelist)

Shoujo kakumei Utena


Shoujo Kakumei Utena




Anime Expo 2006, AWA 2006, AFO 2006, TNT 2009


  • AFO 2006: Best intermediate
  • AWA 2006: Best Anime


I love wearing this costume. It's very easy to move around in, and I enjoy how the jacket came out.


The shorts are made out of a nice lycra material and I used the same material for the top of the pockets. The shoes are store bought shoes that I painted to be the same color as Utena's. I also just sewed on the bow for that so it looks like the art.

Underneath the jacket, I have the grey tank top made so I can spontaneously play basketball at any time.

This costume is fully transformable, so I can take it from school uniform to prince in no time~! The sheer skirt rests separately on my waist, and it's pleated to mimic how it is in the anime version. If I remade the costume now, I'd probably do the ruffly manga version. The epaulets are plastic balls I sawed in half (lol bad idea), and painted, the gold around them is model magic (also bad idea, because model magic turns gold paint green after time). The white parts I call the "cigars" and they're rolled up fabric glued to itself.

I spray painted the cord, and casted a gem, then I made a triangle out of sculpey. They're all held together in some bizarre manner that I came up with.

The cuffs of the costume attach separately, and I used cute little red rose buttons for them~

I met the character designer for Utena and he signed my epaulets *_*

My sword was made by Pikminlink and it's just perfect and it's my favorite prop ever *_*

The Anthy cosplaying with me is Sundari-chan

Made in 2006

Release Date July 02, 2012

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  1. Francisco says:

    I have no access to the Manga in English, so my frame of refcrenee is only for the Anime. There are several visual homages to ROV in SKU I remember a scene with Touga throwing knives during a meeting of the Student Council, which is something that happens during a meeting of evil revolutionaries in ROV. Anthy’s thorn-torture(towards the end of the series) has to be a cue taken from the opening of ROV (the colors and positions are so similar), and there are many other background shots that seem to be lifted from the classic anime.In interviews, Saito-san and Kunihiko Ikuhara have both talked about being inspired by ROV I’ll have to look up those, too, before I watch the show again.I’m really a huge fan of SKU. Did you notice my Rose Crest ring? Can’t wait to wear that on TV someday, as a silent shout-out to my favorite hobby.Oh, and ..Dubbed anime is terrible in principle and execution. If I’m ever offered a job to re-dub anime in the states, I’ll tell them to go to hell.

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