Washu (Casual)

Tenchi Muyo

SOURCE: washui

Tenchi Muyo




Otakon 2008, Anime South 2009, AWA 2008


  • Otakon 2008: First Place Journeyman
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tenchi was one of my first anime- I remember buying the tapes with my friends from suncoast for like $25 a piece lol.. two episodes.. when we were about 11 years old. Washu and Ryoko were always my favorites, and I think in recent times I've become more similar to Washu, and my small-ness makes her ideal for me to cosplay. I seriously LOVE all the crazy scientist characters, and Washu's designs (as well as all of the outfit designs in tenchi) are so incredibly interesting. I don't know why I picked this outfit in particular- it's very easily recognizable, but.. the hair is kind of a dead give away anyway. I plan to do a bunch of her costumes in the future, and thankfully a lot of the pieces can be transferred over to other costumes! bonus! The wig is two put together, and dyed to match. The crab legs are pieces of foam covered with hair and sewn onto the wig base! I also had to add sideburn things out of foam and cover them with hair because the base wig did not match with my hairline.
Made in 2008

Release Date July 03, 2012

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