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Dirty Pair


Dirty Pair TV Series




Metrocon 2004, Megacon 2005, AWA 2004


We discovered the Dirty Pair through the "Project Eden" movie, that we rented from blockbuster back in 2003.

(yeah I know, we were way late) I saw it first, and as soon as I watched it, I thought it was totally Victoria and I. She watched it, and we both agreed that we acted so much like the characters - and looked like them- it was amazing! Of course we had to make the costumes. These were one of our first costumes together, but they're still one of our favorites. Prop guns were not made by us. The outfit was made out of lycra and stretch cotton for the trim. The bias tape for the trim was hand made. The gloves were altered, and boot covers were made.
Made in 2004

Release Date July 02, 2012

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