Big drill wig tutorial

Big Drill curl tutorial

When faced with the challenge of making Dlanor’s wig, I decided to do some research online, as well as message Sonteen to get her input! The following information is basically my findings, mostly based on Sonteen’s instructions.  I hope it helps!  This is Classe’s tutorial on how to do little drills, and I think you might find the pictures helpful!

I don’t have many good pictures for this tutorial because I made the wig and didn’t plan to make a tutorial while I was figuring it out for myself lol!

For my personal wig, this is what I ended up doing:

First, I took wire and curled it into the approximate size I needed for the curls, so I could get an idea of what length I need to cut each wire to.  After this, I cut out 5 lengths of that wire, and I took some packing tape and sandwiched the wire in between two layers of tape.  The wire should be in the middle, and the tape should have sticky sides facing each other! After covering each wire with tape, cut the tape so that it tapers at the ends.  You’ll basically make the taped wires go from rectangles to triangles.  This step depends on the width your curls need to be!

After that, you need to glue hair to the underside of each drill (without curling it).

**Now, in preparation to this, you should first decide how you want your drills to go into the wig.  If you want to start with a shorter wig, you’ll need to have extensions for this step.  It depends on how you want your drills to look and if you want them to be removable**

Personally, what I decided to do was: start with a long wig, leave the top layers of the wig long, and trim the bottom layers short, using that hair to cover the drills.  I used Fabri-tac glue to adhere the hair to the back side of the tape drills.  I then let it dry, and I would paint over parts of the hair with a mixture of glue and water (elmer’s glue) to keep flyaways in place.  Also, spraying with hairspray is a good idea too.

I work very organically, so I don’t really have a set way of how I’d do it.  If there were still fly aways I’d go over it with other glue or hair spiking glue… whatever worked that made it look okay.

After all of your drills have hair glued to the backside of them, insert them into the wig.  Slide it into one of the open weft holes in the wig, and bend the wire down so that it’s pretty firmly in there.  Then bend the wire into the desired curl shape.  Make sure it’s at a good height on your wig for what you need.  Maybe try the wig on to see where it will be.

After I did this, I sectioned the wig into different parts so I knew what would go to each drill.  I then basically used the fabri-tac glue to glue the hair down to the top part of the drill.  Take your time!! I would do a little bit at a time, and clip it in place with a hair styling clip, and come back after it was a bit dry.  You’ll have to glue the hair all around the spiral, doing your best to hide the tape and making it all look really natural.  Sometimes the hair will kind of slip, and it’s okay to cut it, and glue that end down.  Don’t try to untangle after you’ve already put glue in it.

Finish off the style with got 2 b hair glue and a strong hairspray!!

Here’s the only photos I took in the process of making my wig, I hope they’re somewhat helpful!


  1. Sapphire says:

    Wow, this is really cool~!! :D I wish to use this someday, but maybe I can use this for a cosplay I plan to do soon~ 8D

  2. Deela says:

    Your wig looks amazing. Thank you so much for the insight on how to do this. I plan to use this method for a wig I’m doing for myself. :) One question though, you left the hair glued to the tape right? Just asking, because you can’t even see it through the drills in the pictures!

    • ichigokitty says:

      Oops! Did I not reply to this? I thought I did, I’m sorry! yes, you keep the tape and everything in there. The tape is clear, and you completely cover it with the hair so you can’t see it at all!

  3. Rosie says:

    Woah, this is perfect!! I needed to learn how to make big ol’ drills for Misha from Katawa Shoujo- and this seems like it’ll fit the bill perfectly. Thanks for sharing your methods, oh wise one! I can’t wait to actually try this! <3

  4. Gerry says:

    Very great i think your a wonderful cosplayer

  5. Amy Chau says:

    It’s still kind of confusing without pictures of the process being shown, if it’s not much trouble, could you add more pictures of a step by step process? Thank you.

    • ichigokitty says:

      No, I can’t, because the wig is already made. I don’t have extra ones, or the time to do it again for the sake of a tutorial. Sorry, but this is the best I can do.

  6. Coleen says:

    Wow! it’s so cute..

  7. Ayane says:

    This looks really helpfuf, thank you for taking the time to write this! :)
    Can I ask which kind of glue will work with this? And is the wig washable?

  8. Camille says:

    I adore this tutorial. I’m planning on doing Lulu from League of Legends and will have to do four very large and very long curls like this as well. I have a few questions;

    When you mentioned your base wig I didn’t 100% understand, so you had a long wig and then had enough fiber to make the ponytails(?) or you bought the (long) base wig, made the curls out of extensions, and then blended the base wig and the extensions together in the end? You talk about attachment so they must be wefts, but the part that confuses me is;
    “what I decided to do was: start with a long wig, leave the top layers of the wig long, and trim the bottom layers short, using that hair to cover the drills”

    So after trimming, the bottom layers very short, you used the top long layers to then glue over the tops of your curls to make them seem like a part of the base wig, right? Assuming that gives you the really nice and natural look rather than a very stiff and over-glued look?

    What type of wire did you use? How many wefts did you end up needing?

    and lastly, just to be 100% sure, you only glued your extension hair (with Fabri-tac) onto one side of the tape? And the one piece of wire with all of the glue was enough to fully support your curls?

    Thank you SO much for posting this, and for being so responsive to readers! I cannot tell you how appreciative I am!


    • ichigokitty says:

      Sorry for such a late reply. I used a long wig, cut parts of it short and used that fiber for the under side of the curls. Then I basically used fiber still attached to the wig for the top part of the curls. I think you understand what I mean.
      Wire… it was a pretty high gauge wire. I needed tin snips in order to cut it. I would say the wire you need will depend on how big the curls need to be~ I just bought the wire at walmart. I believe it was just one wire for each piece, yeah, but you can use two if it needs it!

  9. Squeek says:

    Thank you so much for posting this and sharing your experience in making these fabulous curls. I’m not sure how long ago it was that you made these, but I would like to ask if you remember what sort of wire you used for this process? Is it a type of wire that is purchased at a craft store or more hard duty, like something to find at Home Depot or Lowes?

  10. Lucy says:

    Oh my goodness I was looking for this for Dlanor cosplay and then I got to the bottom and almost choked from surprise

  11. Tsubaki says:

    You-really-did-an-amazing-job! Simply fabulous and pretty~
    I had Dlanor on the list of cosplays I wanted to do for a very long long time, but for A or B I couldn’t… and finally this year I’m able to do her with friends as Gertrude and Cornelia (just like you did), and sincerely talking, you’ve been an inspiration for me in doing the wig. Thanks a lot for this explanation! I hope mine comes out at least a quarter of perfection as yours did…
    Thanks again and keep up that good cosplays!

  12. Miyabita says:

    This is an amazing wig tutorial! Thank you so much!

    I do have one question, though – do you only cover ONE side of the tape with hair or both sides? You mentioned you only covered the backside, but you can’t see the tape at all in the finished pictures and I was wondering if it was simply a trick of the eye based on how close the curls are or if you went back and glued hair to the other side?

  13. Jade says:

    this was very helpful thank you so much! i am so glad i found this i’ve been working on a kasane teto cosplay and i was uncomfortable with the idea of just using hairspray like some people say to do and this looks like it will work very well for what im looking to do!

  14. RinRin says:

    Hi!! This is a really old post, I know T^T But the wig was made so perfectly and the drill curls are just the kind of thing I want to create for my wig (just longer), and I was just wondering if this same process would work for clip-on pigtails? Can I keep the pigtails as they are but split them into two layers so one layer is glued on the back tape and the other layer is glued on the front tape? Or do I need to cut them up? x^x Thank you very much for the wonderful tutorial <3

  15. Sofia says:

    This was really helpful because i have a teto wig … Question could i do this with the pigtails that are seperate from the wig head

    • ichigokitty says:

      (sorry for the late reply) I would think you would be able to, as long as you figured out a good way to insert them into the wig

  16. Timmy says:

    Being in the drag profession, I’ve learned many ways to do hair & I must say that this is by far one of the most creative techniques with such a beautiful end product! Thx for teaching an old Queen a new trick.
    With Joy,
    Timmy aka Lady Red Bush

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